Due to the pandemic of COVID-19 and the international health concerns, Team COMPUTEX assumes that the “Hybrid model” - Online + Onsite will becomes a majority. Thus, Team COMPUTEX TAIPEI and Taipei Computer Association, the organizer, are proud to announce “COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD” services, the exhibitors can expect to have more exposure, promotions, and the latest industrial news updates! Full online & digital experience of events is waiting for you! Sincerely welcome ICT related companies to join!



  • Data base of the supply chain:Dedicated to be the best Online B2B Platform for ICT Products & Solutions
  • Database of the buyers:Newsletters will publish to thousands of buyers through database monthly
  • Medias and contents:Provide videos and multimedia promotions of products and events
  • Online Matchmaking:Virtual business cards and one-on-one matchmaking system works 24/7, 365 days!

  Level C Level B Level A
Company Logo
Company Info
Products Info
(numbers of products)
5 10 20
Videos Upload
(numbers of videos)
2 5 10
Product Press Release          1 3 5
Search priority   √√
Banner at homepage   Banner / Biweekly Banner / Biweekly
Banner in newsletter   Banner-Space 2/
a time
Banner-Space 1/
a time
Highlighted product          5 10 15
Themed news upload
Suppliers news upload
Business Matchmaking
One-On-One Online
Business Card
Fees (USD) 1,000/YR 2,000/YR 3,000/YR

  • ▣ Follow These Steps To Register
  1. Log-in MY COMPUTEX (For non-exhibitors: Please register first,we will email you the Unique Account number as soon as possible)
  2. Enter company account & password
  3. Choose “Online Exhibition”
  4. Enter the descriptions of your company
  5. Edit contactor’s information
  6. Enter your plan of CYBERWORLD
  7. Enter or modify Information of products
  8. Enter or modify information of videos
  9. Edit Complete
  10. Complete your payment
  11. Products’information will be uploaded successfully after reviewing

  • ▣ Please Note
  1. Listed packages are applicable for the year 2021, the contents of the packages are applicable till 28 Feb 2022.
  2. Homepage banners are maximized at 5(five) per available allocation period, and newsletter banners are maximized at 2(two) per edition.
  3. Highlighted products, themed news, supplier's new upload are limited to a single time per product.

*The organizer will review and confirm the information; the related information will be uploaded to COMPUTEX CYBERWORLD after the payment

  • ▣ Regulations of registration
  1. The organizer will notice the appliers if the information are incomplete through EMAIL, the appliers will be required to modify and re-upload the information.
  2. The appliers can log-in to modify My COMPUTEX anytime. After the modification the page will be hidden temporarily, and will re-open after organizer’s review.
  3. The organizer have rights to reject any product or content which is not related to ICT technologies or exceeds the bounds decency accepted by society.
  4. The exhibitors are forbidden to upload the information of the products which contain mislabeling information about the place of origin, counterfeit trademarks, or violating the copyrights and authorizations of the others. If the above issues appear, the appliers are mediatory to cooperate with the process of legal investigations. If the information of products is involved with the litigations, the organizer retains the rights to suspend the exhibitors’ exhibition and related information will be hidden from the pages, the abjections of the appliers will not be accepted. The appliers are required to be reasonable for the payments which are included yet not limited to the fees of the litigations, attorneys, and other compensations.
  5. In the case of any unforeseen circumstances, the organizer reserves the right of final review decision, following the announcements or statements of the official site.